31 years of heritage

NAV has an impressive history. The accounting application was first prepared by a Danish company, later known as Navision. In 2002 Microsoft decided to take over Navision. In 2005, the solution name was changed from Navision to NAV.

160 000 customers

It is the largest solution for small businesses. NAV currently has 160,000 customers.

2,7 Milion users

160,000 clients, there are 2.7 million users

Sold in 195 countries

Microsoft NAV is sold in almost 200 countries.

Served by 3 500 partners

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV system is sold by 3,500 partners around the world. One of the partners is Microsoft Dynamics Development Center. More about our company on our website: http://www.dynamicsdc.co.uk/en/history